About Us

poachee - Get a better job!
to poach /po??t??/ verb = to persuade employees of another company to become your employees.
poachee /po??t??i/ noun = coinage for those who would like to be poached.

poachee.com is a global online service especially designed for passive job seekers ("poachees"). poachee.com motivates passive job seekers to take advantage of new and better jobs - we help recruiters to poach the creme de la creme of the job market. In this process the poachees' data will be completely anonymized and poachee.com helps connect recruiters with only those who actually want to be poached. Due to the poachee Stealth Profile™ poachees are enabled to look for new challenges without having to fear that their social networks will catch up on it. poachee.com is the easiest way to get a better job.

How does poachee.com work?

Register within 3 minutes ??? Because our poachees don???t have enough time

Free and without any obligations ??? Because nobody likes obstacles

Completely anonymous ??? We protect our poachees with poachee Stealth Profile™

Recruiter friendly ??? Because we think that browsing through profiles should always be free

First-class matching ??? Saves poachees and recruiters time and hassle in the process