Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What does "poachee" mean ?

to poach /po??t??/ verb = disapproving HR, commerce to persuade employees or customers of another company to become your employees or customers instead,
poachee /po??t??i/ noun = coinage for those who would like to be poached.

What will poachee.com cost me ?

poachee.com is completely free for poachees (candidates, employees, those who want to be poached). Recruiters can, through a Freemium approach, use poachee.com for free as well. For details see pricing.

Who can join ?

Every person that is currently employed and wants to be poached - due to personal reasons, dissatisfaction, for financial reasons; whatever the reason may be... Freelancers and self-employed candidates can join us as well.

Are you sure this website is completely free for poachees ?

Yes, it definitely is!

How will I receive offers ?

Register now , post your listing, and wait to have recruiters send you job offers. You are not able to look for opportunities yourself. The offers will come to you. If a recruiter finds your listing interesting and has an offer for you, s/he will contact you.

Is it possible for my current employer to find out that I would like to be poached ?

No. You won't enter personal information like your name, and nobody will have access to your e-mail address. We will only use the latter to send you offers from recruiters. In addition to that, we regularly verify the recruiters' registrations to ensure serious and legit job offers.

What data do I have to enter ?

We only collect the most necessary data to ensure a perfect match between a recruiter's requirements and a poachee's listing. Our aspiration is that poachees won't need more than 3 minutes to submit their listings.

What can I post ?

poachee.com's principles are based on the ability to match recruiters and poachees. Recruiters shall have the possibility to quickly and easily find you.
We therefore reserve the right to delete every listing that we find inappropriate. We will also remove every listing that does not comply with our privacy policy , that is considered illegal in any way, or that knowingly consists of misinformation.

Who gets to see which data from my post ?

A public indicates those fields that are visible to the public.
A locked indicates those fields that are only visible to registered recruiters.
Your e-mail address is never visible.

How long will my listing be online ?

You can edit or delete your listing at any time.
Recruiters rely on the currentness of your listings. We therefore automatically delete your listing after 12 months. We will, however, send you a reminder before we take action. Every time you edit your listing the 12 months start over, ensuring that your listing will stay online as long as it is current.

Can I use poachee.com anywhere ?

Yes, poachee.com is designed as a global online service and can be used from anywhere. It does not matter if you are looking for a job in your country or for an opportunity to work abroad.

I no longer have the link to my profile. What now ?

That???s no problem. We will simply send you the link again. Enter your e-mail address and you will receive it shortly. Request link again

poachee Request a new link to your personal profile.

We would be happy to resend you the link.

Please enter your e-mail address:

(Important note: Please use the same e-mail address that you used when you registered, i.e. the one that is linked to your account!)

How does poachee.com avoid spam and fraud ?

Recruiters have to register beforehand. Of course, we will not control the content of the messages between you and the recruiter. We will, however, do our best to ensure high-quality offers. Consequently, please pay special attention to whom you are responding.
Never pay any recruiter to find you a job! If you ever receive offers indicating the latter, immediately inform us about it at scam@poachee.com .