Are you a poachee?

Please read the Top 10 reasons why you are ready to get poached by Mark Toth*.

The myth: 89 percent of employers believe that employees leave because of money.

The reality: 88 percent of employees leave because of things other than money.

Here are the top 10 reasons employees quit:

  1. Limited career opportunities (16 percent)
  2. Lack of respect/support from supervisor (13 percent)
  3. Money (12 percent)
  4. Lack of interesting/challenging job duties (11 percent)
  5. Lack of leadership from supervisor (9 percent)
  6. Bad work hours (6 percent)
  7. Unavoidable reasons (5 percent)
  8. Bad employee relations by supervisor (4 percent)
  9. Favoritism by supervisor (4 percent)
  10. Lack of recognition for contributions (4 percent)

What is your situation? Does one or more reasons above apply?

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* See original post from Mark:

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