poachee.com goes live

We are happy to announce the launch of our Public Beta today. poachee.com is live.

The last months have been quite challenging, but if you have such an incredible team it is also a great pleasure. I thank the whole team for the awesome job they did. I am happy to have you guys on board!

So, here is what we do and how we can help you from today on.

If this sounds familiar “My job is good, but could be better” you should definetely have a look at poachee.com.

poachee.com is targeting all of you who are employed at the moment, but who would be ready to switch positions if the right offer came along.

Poachees, a coinage for those who want to be poached, can now anonymously receive exciting and suitable job offers for free.

According to most recent researches* the foregoing description fits over half of all employees!
All talents among you who have, so far, been intimidated by job searches, can now register on poachee.com.

Registering requires only a few clicks, the job offers are filtered by specifications such as the minimum desired salary or industries, while the poachee’s identity will be kept anonymous. No resume is needed – the skills and expectations will play the trick!

Here as sample profile of a poachee:

Poachee Details View

You can use poachee.com to playfully and without much effort and, most importantly, without having to identify yourself, receive job offers. Classical job portals easily give away your identity, even if the sites claim to “anonymize” your resumes. That’s a pure nightmare for everyone who is only “half-way satisfied” with their current job situation: the social networks have found out, friends and colleagues ask questions about the application process etc.

It’s plain to see that anonymity is the most important issue that needs to be addressed. The Stealth Profile has been newly developed by poachee.com and guarantees poachees not to be identified. And we will offer poachee.com completely free for job seekers.

And here you go, we are online: www.poachee.com

Looking forward to your opinion!


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