poachee.com Next Level

Much has happened since the start of poachee.com in September 2012! Due to the great feedback of our recruiters and poachees, we have continuously improved poachee.com.

We have implemented many new functions in the past weeks including

  • “My poachees” (Overview of all contacts)
  • A personalized watch list / favorites (see screen below),
  • Improved and faster candidate search
  • Filter and sorting functions
  • Easier registration & quicker recruiter activation
  • And many more…

poachee.com New Feature Watchlist

Thus, poachee.com has matured, and we have ended our Beta Phase with immediate effect.

Most importantly: poachee.com will stay completely free for candidates! And we want to keep it this way!

Further we would like to keep offering our recruiters comfortable, easy and reasonably-priced access to the best candidates. While we finance ourselves through recruiters, we offer additional value for recruiters already in our free version including full profile research, filters and access to all profile details and many additional functions.  In addition to that, we allow recruiters to contact up to 2 candidates (send job offers) per month for free. To contact more than 2 candidates, we have an optimized and customized pricing model ready.

We wish you all the best poaching and much success in receiving many interesting job offers!

We are available at contact@poachee.com.

Your poachee.com team

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