Stay anonymous in your job search

In a recent blogpost Evan McGowan-Watson, Co-Founder and CMO at BrandYourself, stated that 77% of job recruiters are required to do a Google pre-screen before hiring you. That means, like it or not, you’ve been googled at some point -by an employer, client or even a first date. Evan gives some great advice on how to polish your personal web presence once you are on the radar of recruiters. is solving the step before the job seeker gets in contact with the recruiter.
In this phase it is crucial for the majority of the candidates to stay anonymous while looking for better job opportunities.

Classical job portals easily give away the candidates’ identities, even if the sites claim to “anonymize” their candidates’ resumes. That’s a pure nightmare for everyone who is only “half-way satisfied” with their current job situation: Even if there is no name entry in the profile, a few Google searches on resume history can quickly unveil the identity of the job seeker. The result: social networks will find out, friends and colleagues ask questions about the application process etc. is turning this situation around. Recruiters’ job offers are matched to candidate profiles without unveiling the candidates’ identities, or publishing their resumes.

Candidates can decide when and if they want to get in contact with the recruiter, enabling the candidate to control when, how and if personal details are exchanged.

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